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First I'd love to introduce myself to you, If I have met you in person then you already know some about me, but for those that may not, I was born and raised in Camden County Georgia! If you are not from here its a small southern town on the map that many over look but it is where my roots are and I plan on keeping them planted right here!! We are just north of the Florida border!

 I am a stay at home wife and mom, I have been married to the love of my life & best friend  for 19 years, and we have 3 boys; 2 Teenagers who keep me pretty busy &  a forever 1 day old Angel baby, SidneyBlake
After the loss of SidneyBlake, I found myself in a hard spot in life emotionally. The loss of a child alters who you are as a person especially a mother! You are pretty much forced to live the rest of your life with only half of your heart with a ton of what - ifs, and a hurt that you can not even describe! During this part of my life I knew I needed something to help cope but wasn't sure what that something was, So I decided to start with Young Living Essential Oils! I had no idea how amazing Plant Juice was! I was left in awe at the amount of emotional release I found in these little bottles! So much so I have a blend I call my SidneyBlake blend and at any given moment you will find me rolling oil to bring a emotional comfort to my very broken heart! It was not very long after I started using oils that I decided I needed to help others by way of oils so here I am! If you have any questions please reach out to me! Id love to help you with your oily toxic free journey also!

Then, during all my crazy busy life and quite a few years ago, I decided to sell Thirty One (Proverbs 31) I prayed long and hard about being a consultant and God opened that door for me so here I am!!! This journey has been AMAZING!! I am so glad I followed my heart and the steps God laid before me. 
He has blessed me beyond measure & I am so very thankful for that!!! This business has been a blessing to my family & I!

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 Thirty One or you can Click Here!

 If you have any questions or would like to order, host a party, either online or in home or have prayerfully considered joining Thirty one, please let me know I'd love to help you! 

Also; I have a passion for Scrapbooking and Crafts alike, I love keeping my hands busy with Paper crafts, Glitter, Glue, Yarn & all them crafty things :) So you will find some of that here as well!

Thank you so much for stopping by!!!