Welcome to my safe place. If you don’t already know me I am just a small town Georgia girl who has fought my way through 40 plus years of life.. I’ve been through so much trauma I’ve been diagnosed with c-PTSD & buried my dad, my son & ultimately grieving the loss of my mother also who is still living but contributed to a huge part of my mental health. 

You can find more of my story & the abuse I’ve endured :here:

This spot is a hub to all of my life as it was the first page I started and there is so many parts of my life who make me who I am.. 

I hope my journey is paving stones for someone else who has dealt with or dealing with life events that I share here and can step into a better place realizing they are not alone. 

Some of the details shared here are super raw and hard for some to grasp, mainly because many doesn’t realize how a parent could sit and watch their child suffer and contribute to their suffering.. I can tell you I don’t understand either I could never imagine inflicting any pain on my children nor watching and witnessing anyone else doing it! 

I have a lot to share and I hope if my story isn’t your story or situation that you can still walk this broken road with me even if it’s just a friend to show love or maybe even one day you will see one of your friends who could benefit from my story and my resources!!